Sunday 21 January 2018

Taking the Scenic Route

Having just completed the Norse I felt like doing something a little different before devoting myself to the Mythic Battles models so I thought I would expand my scenery collection a little.
Having bought some fences over the holiday period I decided to add some fields for them to go around and also make up the marsh markers I'd been planning on doing for ages.

Area Bases with light, heavy & wood markers

The scenery I made up last year was designed to allow for different terrain types to be interchangeable on each area base. The markers are all on 45mm rounds which then sit on the 50mm spaces on each base, this allows for the markers to be removed to allow units to sit on the area terrain.
For the fields I wanted to add a different colour into the mix so ordered up some yellow corn/wheat flock in 4mm & 10mm lengths and worked to the same scheme as before.

I used the 10mm static grass on the removable markers through the static grass applicator to give it some depth and just applied the 4mm straight to the area base so it would settle down enough to put models on. My over eagerness to get the matt varnish onto the piece has left a few white glue areas which don't look so bad from a distance but I suspect I will be going back with either extra grass or a yellow wash to cover it up.
The fences came from 4Ground and with the addition of some flock and flowers they look much better than the straight from the box version. I also added some Polyfilla to the base under the flock which adds some weight and hopefully should help keep them upright on the table.

The marsh counters used some old plastic tree stumps I had spare and several layers of water effect that also had left over. Again the base was built up with Polyfilla and then this was painted over to give a nice little basin for the water effect to sit in.

As that method worked pretty well I have started to make an area base using the same method which will increase the amount of wet area on the base.

All in all it has been another fun little project, it's always nice to get something that can go on the table and enhances the look of the game.


  1. I'm working on some olive trees which could also work for the Greek setting

    1. Look forward to seeing those, you going black, green or a mixture of olives ?

  2. well I prefer the stuffed ones....