Friday 6 October 2023

Strange New Worlds

I've been busy painting up some alien plants from the recent Mantic Games Terrain Crate 3 Kickstarter. The kits have just gone up for sale on the Mantic website so this seems like a good time to show them off. 

The kits come with multiple PVC parts that can be stuck together in multiple configurations, I used proper hard PVC glue.

Most of the painting was done with GW contrast over a light basecoat and then some Vallejo fluoro paints to add the bright details.

Here you can see them on my red planet style sci-fi table but I also got a new playing mat and forest templates in the KSer. The boxes on sale look reasonable value but not as good as backing the KSer, this is around a third of the parts I received for £50.

This being a somewhat brighter affair is more of an assault on the eyes!

We've also had a recent update to the Firefight lists so in order to show the new shield update for the Tunnellers I've added a couple of Tesla coils from Zinge Industries that can be removed or added as required.