Sunday 25 June 2017

Our Furry Friends

Looking at my pile of to be completed painting this week I realised that my Twilight Kin army is well on the way to completion. I have been cracking on with another Regiment of Crossbows so I have a Hordes worth and then after that I want to do two Troops of Reaper Guards, one more Bolt Thrower and that should be the army pretty much done apart from the mounted Priestess.
So this week I have completed a Troop of Shadows and almost completed another and half the Crossbow Regiment.

I have had also been thinking about adding some allies into the mix. The rules allow 25% of your list to be made up of Allies with a few restrictions such as they cannot take magical items and cannot be the target of spells from your main race. The rules also restrict what forces you can ally with so my evil Kin can only ally with other evil races or neutral ones. Allies can be used to either cover a gap in the main armies list or add to the flavor of the army, I went with adding to the fluff. As I already have a pretty fast infantry based force I thought it would be good to add some large infantry preferably of the fast moving variety so a look through the lists turned up the Lycan in the Herd list. As my Kin are living in Twilight Forest then it is only natural that they should bend the weaker willed and more animalistic Herd forces to do their bidding.

These are very fast and being nimble they should be able to get around the flanks pretty well, I'd also seen some rather nice models that could be used for them.
The figures are from the Wrath of Kings Goritsi faction and one box of Skorza being eight figures is enough for two Hordes, bargain ! I also picked up a box of specialists to use one as an Alpha if needed. These really are very nice models and having put four together today they are much easier to build than the Privateer Press models I have used earlier on.

They stand head and shoulders above my other infantry so certainly fit the large bill and I was pleased to see that the box comes with an extra sculpt ( the chap with the spear ) that isn't on the cover. So that gives me some more painting to do and the option possibly to expand to a larger Herd force in the future.

Sunday 18 June 2017

Cavalry Complete

This week I completed the second Troop of Dark Knights so I have a Regiments worth now. The Knights are one of the few units I have in the list for cracking high armour opponents.

If taken as a Regiment then taking the Caterpillar item to help ensure the TC(2) gets off would probably be the best way to go.

I only now have the Priestess on mount to go but will probably complete a few other units before I do her.

This week Mantic have announced the Edge of the Abyss summer campaign with a new book and some hero models. I have my eye on the Abyssal hero who could easily be converted to a Kin hero by the looks of it.

I have also finished off some linear terrain this week with a pack of plastic walls and some Bocage style hedge rows.

 The walls went together very easily with the hedges requiring some more effort to get completed.

Monday 12 June 2017

Here come the Cavalry

This week I have managed to bring a few units to completion and first off the blocks where the second Regiment of Reaper Guards and the mounted Standard Bearer hero.

As my free hand painting skills are pretty low I used transfers to do the detailing. Once I have done two more Troops of Reapers then that will be them completed.

I also completed the first Troop of Dark Knights and my winged Hero. The Knights went together well and I am pretty happy with the way they turned out. This also means I have even more mobile units to deploy into the army list.

I also found another caster model I had forgotten about so she has been started along with the second Troop of Knights, all of whom should hopefully be pretty much done by the weekend.

As I now have a decent collection of Hero types I thought a little group photo would be in order.

Sunday 4 June 2017

I need a Hero

The Kings of War lists give you lots of options for Heroes and how to equip them. As I only have one games worth of experience to build a list from then having the models to experiment with those options will allow me to build up the experience needed to choose the right hero for the right occasion. If this just sounds like an excuse to buy more models then you may be right.

I completed my Hero on flying mount in time for the fight against the Ratkin and he helped tie down a flank.

A large base and model always look threatening and can perhaps play your opponents mind more than they should do. A fast and nimble source of Inspire looks like it will always be useful and once the Dark Knights are ready and with the quick Gargoyles may combine to be a fast moving attack group.

This week I have also completed the first of my mounted Heroes and half a Regiment of Reaper Guard.

The plan is to have one each of Dark Lord, Priestess, and Standard Bearer as mounted variants to go along with the infantry variants already completed. The Games Workshop Knight models go together really well and creating the Priestess will be the only real challenge.

In keeping with the Hero production I also ordered in a few bits to create a Dark Lord with the Wings of Honeymaze magical item. This works out to the same points as the Lord on flying mount but is on a smaller base. The Lord with Wings also loses Thunderous Charge (1) but gains the Individual rule.


All of this means I have a few more Heroes to complete along with the regular units.