Monday 4 March 2024

Twilight Kin: Ready for Battle

With the completion of the mighty Goredrake I've also completed all the models for my Twilight Kin army. Whilst this is far from my first Kings of War army it is my first 100% Mantic army. 

The Goredrake is a double headed monster with resin parts fitting onto Mantic's latest dragon body. Mine didn't really fit onto the tactical rock it was supplied with but some pinning and lots of superglue have hopefully done the job.

It's not the quickest flyer at only speed 8 but at only 190 points and the in-built ability to re-roll up to three misses of it seven attacks makes it's damage output pretty reliable at a cheap price point. It also has unit strength 2 so can be used to take and hold objectives. Cheap flyers that can do that are always useful in scenario play.

It's a big model so I worked my way through it in several sections and I'm pleased with the way it came out, that gives me three large monsters to potentially field with the army.

As I'd completed the last model I got the whole force out for a few pictures. With further building works about to start the army will most likely be going into storage for a while so probably won't see the field before the summer.

It's been a while since I did a large army project and there's a real sense of accomplishment to see the whole army laid out in all it's glory. This is about 4,500 points without items so I should have enough to give me plenty of options.

Next up are some Nameless for Deadzone which I hope to be able to complete whilst the building works are ongoing for an event in June. Mr T and myself are also traveling to Oxford for an Armada event next weekend so that promises to be a grand day out.

Saturday 2 March 2024

Twilight Kin: Row row row your boat

As I near completion of the Twilight Kin I've moved into some new heroes and a couple of repeats of existing roster entries.

First up are a pair of Void-skiff riding heroes. I wanted to do something a bit different with these and took inspiration from the Armada ships with their out-rider sails. With a bit of snipping and filing I was able to mount what is normally the front 'tent' onto the sides of the vessel. Even with my limited modelling skills this was an easy conversion which I like the look of. It also means you can easily fit a second model onto the ship.

The first hero is a Captain who is the mounted counterpart of a model I painted a little while back. She's only 1" quicker than his foot-bound counterpart but does gain a nice nerve bump and has unit strength. She also loosing the of the foot version and at an extra 100 points I'm not sure she's a great investment.

You can go all in with an Admiral upgrade which gives her an extra Thunderous Charge (2) and Aura (Headstrong - Twilight Elf only) as well as Very Inspiring which takes her up to 215 points. I think this is probably the version to go for if you are fielding one as you get a lot for those extra 25 points.

Next up is the Navigator on Void-skiff, the reason you are taking the Navigator units is for the Legacy of Oskan special rule which allows you to activate an aura each turn. You have a choice of three aura's to choose from which allows you to tailor it to the units you are near and what will most benefit you at the time.

The mounted version is almost twice the price of the foot version and whilst you pick up some extra melee capability and nerve you are probably taking it for the increase in area your aura can reach. Turning your 100mm base sideways gives you some extra reach over the 25mm of the foot version, though it does then present your long flank to potential charges.

The Twilight Kin have quite a few aura combinations that can be present in an army so I made up a quick spreadsheet to help me visualise them.

Here are a couple of foot Navigators, the really tall one is the official model which came in a lot of parts and I had to do a head/body swap on. I'm not that keen on the model so I also made up a foot version which I will use instead.

The sailing club

I've also finished a third regiment of Corsair infantry, I'm not sure if I'd use three in one army but I had the models so they got painted up.

One model that is rather likely to be fielded is a second mounted Summoner Crone, these are one of the more integral part of the army by all accounts.