Sunday 20 June 2021

League of Infamy: Halflings

 This week I've been continuing with the League of Infamy miniatures and have been making some progress on the No Half Measures expansion. This pits the villains against the Halfling defenders who have some surprises up their sleeves. 

You get five different defender troop types and then a few heroes, who I have just started work on. The defenders each have a cost (top left corner) and the keep master can spend alarm tokens to recruit the models of their choice. 

On the card you can see the main stats across the middle:
Boot - speed
Shield - defence
Heart - life

Attacks are worked out by rolling the appropriate number and type of attack dice and then this number minus the targets defence (unless any special abilities come into play) is the amount of damage done.

The number and type of dice to be rolled is displayed on the left & right side of the card with the number of spots on the sides of the dice changing as the dice increase in power.

Left side - melee
Right side - ranged

White, 1 * blank, 4 * one, 1 * two
Orange, 2 * one, 2 * two, 2 * three
Purple, 1 * two, 2 * three, 3 * four

As well as the defenders that came with the game I've also painted up some Wargames Atlantic Halflings which could be used with the extra stats that came with the game for units they didn't provide models for. The sprue didn't have the option for crossbows but they should work fine I'm sure.

So that's all the basic troops done for the expansion with just the bosses to go, they shouldn't take too long to complete apart from the Iron Beast which is a big ole model so may be a few weeks in the paint shop.

Sunday 13 June 2021

SAGA: Graeculi

 Over the last few weeks I've been playing as Syracusan Greeks against Mr T's Romans. These offer a different playstyle to the Carthaginians and rely mostly upon infantry in the open making use of Phalanx abilities. Units in uneven terrain cannot make use of Phalanx so you need to be careful with the terrain deployment otherwise you severely limit the power of the battle board.

Being able to activate multiple units for one dice is always good in SAGA so Implacable Advance is nice for the Greeks, as it gives you the option to move or charge. The caveat of this moves/charges all being in open terrain does slightly limit it's uses but as you want to stay in the open anyway it's not a massive disadvantage. 

The board does give the Greek general multiple ways of building a good defence in melee and Hammer & Anvil allows you to build on a solid defence. It is best used to absorb an enemy attack when they hopefully burn all their dice and then charge a fresh unit into that fatigued by the combat.

If you are lucky enough for an enemy to charge a unit near your Hearthguard block then you can unleash your main hammer unit when the enemy is least prepared to take a charge.

The board also offers ways to keep your levy skirmishers in the game when they may look like easy pickings. I didn't initially have any javelinmen painted up for the Greeks but in order to use these abilities I ordered some Victrix models and quickly painted them up.
Thureos is a nice little surprise for your opponent as they will need to re-roll all those lovely high scores, as you start with an armour of 4 for the levy javelinmen then this should save you a good few wounds.

If you manage to combine it with Aspis then you should have a really hardy block of infantry. Extra defence dice is always nice but being able to save on a 4 by closing ranks should make them into a decent anvil. You can't combine this with Hammer & Anvil as the levy cannot gain Phalanx but it is good for holding up a flank.

The Greeks don't have any abilities which allow you to cancel enemy activations but they do get one which allows you to give a unit Resilience (1) and also Wall of Pikes. This ability encourages you to keep your Warrior and Hearthguard infantry close together in order to cancel the maximum possible number of wounds. You should enjoy the look of disgust in your enemies eyes when they manage to sneak some wounds past your defences only to have them cancelled out. Combining this with Hammer & Anvil is a good move.

The Greeks do lack a few things from the battle board, most obvious is a way to cancel enemy activations and also shooting reaction for anyone who isn't infantry armed with javelins. You want to get into combat with the enemy and after absorbing the best they can give hit them back in their turn. You do get another ability (Hubris) which allows you to charge a unit which was a defender in a melee after the melee is over. That gives you up to 2 charges in the enemy turn, again these are best made once your opponent has burnt their dice. They also lack any ability to remove fatigue so you need to be careful not to let is build up too much.

Saturday 5 June 2021

League of Infamy: Elf Defenders & More

Rather than focus on this week's SAGA game I thought I'd post up the defenders I've been working on for League of Infamy. 

The first campaign is set around an Elf Drakon farming facility so you get lots of Elfs, Drakons, and some nice kitty cats.

As well as the base miniatures the game comes with some stats for models not included so you can add your own. The rear ranks are models I've added in to represent Palace Guards and Kin Archers, these are from my spares pile.

I also purchased an Elf mage from Reaper to give models for all three of the extra profiles provided.
This is quite a varied set of models so for the Elfs I went with a green & grey theme and then for the Drakons I mixed it up with a range of different colours to add some variety.

I also painted up my fourth Lord on Drakon, which I found a bit hard going after completing the three for my Kingdoms of Men. He came out OK in the end, but it was somewhat of a slog.

The Kickstarter version game also comes with some extra scenarios and rules for wandering monsters with figures included for these.

Whilst I was grappling with the Lord on Drakon I started on these as well to keep my painting mojo going.

The Brocks (giant badgers) and Owlbears are my favourites out of the set though the nasty looking Cave Dweller (giant mole thing) is also a good model. 

This means I have a decent chunk of the defenders completed with the Halflings and Trident Realm forces to complete, and then the villians.