Sunday 30 April 2017

Hail Hydra

I spent the early part of this week putting together my Hydra model. This turned out to be a major glue and green stuff project as the model did not want to fit together well. It makes me appreciate how good the GW plastic kits are.

Construction in Progress

Heads of Many Parts

For some reason the model came with two of the heads in three parts and it being a metal kit it weighs a far old amount. After a few days of construction the beast was finally tamed and the paint job started. In keeping with the other dragons it will be a blue base but this time rather than leaving most of the work to be done by the washes I am starting with a more solid blue base.

Start of the Rough Blocking

Whilst I was working away on the Hydra I also managed to finish another unit of Blade Dancers ( only one more to go ! ) and also add two more heroes. That will complete the heroes on foot with only the mounted alternatives to go once I break open the Cold One Riders kits.

Third Troop Complete

Hidden Fireball
Needs a Nail Clipper

Along with all that I have also put together and started to paint the Gargoyle figures. These are made from a combination of Daemonettes of Slaanesh and Tyranid Gargoyle Brood from GW. They went together with surprisingly little effort with only some minor filing and plastic glue.

Winged Horrors

Mrs Pinchy

As this is another Bank Holiday weekend ( hooray ) I have increased my normal batch of 5-6 models on the go at once up to 11 so I will need to keep my head down to get as much done as possible.

Sunday 23 April 2017

Red Shooters of Spring

Well Spring has properly sprung now in the UK and the lighter evenings are more suited to painting. I've made good use of the light this week with a regiment of repeating crossbowmen being completed and also another troop of Blade Dancers being added to the army.

Shoot to Kill

I like the toad stool on this base which is the smallest of a pack I bought from Scotia Grendel, I am not sure how I will fit the larger ones onto bases yet but they may end up as scatter terrain.
I also managed to complete two more heroes to add to the collection.

New Dancers following the Army Standard

May use this lady as a caster

I now have enough troops painted for 1000 points, possibly more if I use all the heroes.

Need some enemy to kill

Charge !

I also picked up a copy of Kings of War Historical Armies this week which as well as a providing lots of army lists also includes a full set of rules slightly modified for the lists included. At some point in the future I may look at getting some bases and more troops together for my Bronze Age Greeks. Of course I need to get the Kin finished first and actually play a game or two.

Saturday 15 April 2017

Blue Thunder

It has been a good week for painting so far with the Easter Bank Holiday giving an extra day off to get some work done. I managed to finish off the first Reaper Regiment and get them based.

Drummer Girl

Defence in Depth

I have also managed to finish off the Hero on 'Black' Dragon.

Blue Thunder

Pet Gnasher included

Hold on Tight

Strictly speaking it should be black dragon but as the blue scheme worked well on the bolt thrower I went with it for the dragon and restricted the black to the scaly / carapace parts. The reins I made out of some barbed wire from Element Games and the rest was as planned. If I was going to do this again then I would start with a base of blue rather than pale flesh as I suspect the blue wash would look better over the top, but we live and learn. I added Gnasher to the base to add some interest, he has no combat value.
This means I have a reasonable force assembling.

Next on the blocks are a unit of Crossbowmen that I picked up cheap on Ebay, these are the old GW models and should fit in with the Reaper Guard well once done.

Sunday 9 April 2017

Hail to the Chief

This week I have finished off the first of the hero models and also Nephilim / Twilight Kin Bolt Thrower. As the plan is to use be able to use the bolt thrower for either Hordes or KoW I needed a basing solution as the rules use different size & shape bases.

Nephilim on Round Hordes base

Hero ready for Action

So I have used magnetic sheet on the bottom of the round base to attach to another sheet on the top of the square base. This gives enough of a force to keep the two bases secure and together.

Square KoW base seperated

Whole thing together

I have also made some good progress on the first Regiment of Reaper Guard with 5 ready and a further 6 close to completion and also Dragon riding hero coming along nicely.


Highlights and Varnish to go

Another Big Blue Fighting Machine

Saturday 1 April 2017

First Base

Despite work being a pain I managed to get my first and second bases done for the Twilight Kin and I and happy with the results. I think the Shadows Regiment has come out better than the Blade Dancer Troop but overall I have learnt a few things for the next unit.

Shadows to the fore

Higher angle

With the first units done I have started on the Reaper Guard / Spearmen with the intention of doing them in Regiment bases but with the use of magnetic strip being able to stick two bases together to make a Horde if required.

First stage

So this time I have not bothered with texturing the whole base but just used some of GW's Agrellan Earth which you paint on and as it dries it cracks up. This is so that the bases can be picked up on the edges without removing the grass, or that is the plan.