Sunday 29 March 2020

Deadzone: The Final Rebs

The great thing about skirmish games is that having small forces means you can get to the 'completed a project' satisfaction stage much more quickly than a full scale army.
So despite some slight envy from seeing other people having lots of time to hobby due to Covid-19 whilst I am still soldiering away at work I have completed the Rebs.
For the Rebs I wanted to add more of the Sphyr than I got in the force boxes as they look rather cool being fish-men and they are also a strong shooting option for the Rebs. In order to do this I purchased the Sphyr Dreadball team to convert. Dreadball is set in the same universe as Deadzone but and features a large range of different races, the models are a little smaller but not so much as to cause any problems.

Sphyr Leader

The Rebel Cell Leader has different options depending on the race of the Leader and the Sphyr comes with a 4+ Shoot instead of the normal 5+. The trade-off for this is a 6+ Fight stat, but if you are able to use the leaders splat dice to swap a stat over you can instead being fighting on a very nice 4+, this makes for a good all round leader.

The other bonus is that the Mata Magma Lance which the Leader and Specialist Lancer both come with gives a really nice AP2 (Armour Pierce 2) which is a good cheap source of AP for the team. The Lancers again Shoot on 4+ making them more reliable than your normal 5+ shooters. To represent the Magma Lance's I have used some bow-casters from Zinge Industries, they do a great range of  steampunk weapons which I also used on the Marauders.

Sphyr Hunter

The Hunter is the Troop choice for the Sphyr and whilst being almost twice the cost of the normal Reb Trooper they do pack a punch with their AP1 harpoon and better Fight & Save stats (5+ rather than 6+). They are also better equipped for close combat so if the enemy does get in close they stand a much better chance of winning.
The other good thing about them is they get a good range of weapon choices including my favorite the Flamer, so I had to make one of those up with an old resin Flamer I found in my bits box.

Sphyr Flamer

To complete all the models I had for the Rebs I also had two extra from the Dreadball range, a ref-bot and a seemingly unarmed octopus/Sphyr hybrid. I'm not exactly sure what they could be used as but the Rebs do have an unarmed Medic option so they could probably be fielded as that.

So that's all of them done, a good size force with lots of the options. The Rebs, rather like the Marauders, have the options to build either melee or shooting focused (or a balanced approach) and a good sprinkling of AP to deal with some of the tougher factions around.

The Whole Reb Team

My next focus is hopefully going to be back into the world of historical gaming with Clash of Spears, though it looks like the models I had on order may be stuck in a warehouse under lock down so I may be delayed on that one.

Sunday 22 March 2020

Deadzone: More Rebs

This week I've been pushing on with the Rebs for Deadzone and have completed the bulk of the models now. The first grouping has a decided simian feel to it with both Alpha Simians and the monkey like Yndij. The Alpha Simians come with a leader called Shayo but unfortunately he is rather over priced and doesn't have a good army special ability so he is only likely to be fielded as a normal Alpha.

The Yndij Commander (with rifle raised) is one of the cheaper command options available to the Rebs and comes with a very handy army special which allows you to hide models after they have been activated, that could work very well with high damage but low survive-ability models like snipers. The Yndij can also be recruited as troops and come with the Scout special so they can get an extra move at the start of the game.

 The Alpha Simian Brawler is a more straight-forward melee specialist, with a good speed of 2-3 (walk-run) and a decent AP (armour pierce) attack. Being Tough means they ignore the first wound that gets past any armour and saves and with a health of 3 they will take a lot of punishment.

The next group includes two Grogan who carry heavy weapons for the Rebs, the left hand Grogan has the Onslaught Cannon which is useful for suppressing a square and the right hand the Desolator anti-armour weapon. Weapons with the Suppression rule Pin any models in the same square as the target no matter if they hit or not. Being Pinned means the models is knocked down making it an easier target in melee and also meaning it needs to stand up before it can act.

The middle model is a mercenary who can be recruited by the Rebs called Sgt. Umunsar, he also comes with the Onslaught Cannon and a single use rocket barrage which is a handy indirect attack. 
I believe he may also be a used in Star Saga so I need to have a look for a card for him.

The next group is the mighty Teraton and the not so mighty Survey Drone. The Drone has no weapons but is hard to kill and reasonably fast at 2-3. It can be used to flip supply caches and capture objectives as well as adding a dice to another models melee if in the same square.

The Teraton is another melee specialist who also comes with some close range one use area of effect weapons to use on the way in. Her biggest trick is the Teleport special rule which allows the model to ignore blocking terrain and move up to 3 squares, she can then engage in melee if ending up in a square with at least one enemy. So she would be great at getting to enemy models your opponent is trying to hide away behind terrain and could cause a nasty surprise to an unwary enemy.

The last group are the Sorak's who are a reptilian race who seem to propel themselves via handstands rather than with the normal leg method. They come in trooper and specialist varieties with the specialist being melee orientated and wielding two swords. The models do look a bit odd but have a certain charm.

The Sorak trooper comes with the blaster weapon which does no direct damage but it does have the ability to throw all the models in the targeted square potentially causing damage by hitting walls or falling down and then Pin them.

So for a cheap price you have a decent tool to mess about with your enemy and break up any groups they may be forming.

So that's all of them for this week, next up will be the Sphyr group who I am currently working on. These are aquatic based life-forms and I have a fair few of them to complete, but once done that will be all the Rebs finished.

Sunday 15 March 2020

Deadzone: Rebs

The Rebs faction in Deadzone is made up of those peoples who are trying to throw off the control of the Galactic Co-Prosperity Sphere (GCPS). As such they tend to be a mixture of races and their equipment is whatever can be bought, stolen or recovered from the battlefield.

Mantic Games Deadzone

I've made some excellent progress this week on the Rebs aided by a week on leave and also by the choice of a very simple paint scheme. I've based the Rebs in the same way as the Marauders I already have so they are ready to play on the red planet gaming mat I have.

I won't go into the stats for the Rebs this week but I do need to look at how to best create a strike team for them. The do have good ranged and melee options so rather like the Marauders they can be used to build a list skewed to one of those or a balanced list.

One thing they do have is access to very cheap Troops at only 7 points so you can pay off the Troop tax to unlock more expensive Specialists or Vehicles very cheaply.

You can also recruit a variety of Troopers with race specials to add to the strike team which gives a wide range of different weapons making the Troop choices of the Rebs among the most flexible of any faction.

Go Rebs!

Tuesday 10 March 2020

The Vanguard Grows (Wings)

In the spirit of adding units to armies that are supposed to already be completed I've finished off a some more options for my Kings of War: Vanguard company.
The first unit flapping on the scene are some Vampire Bat Swarms, for these I used to giant bat type models from Maelstroms Edge which I purchased a while ago thinking they would look good in the Undead army as base fillers.

Mantic Games Vanguard Undead

The Bats are quick and have fly as well as a few rules to boost the number of dice they or a model they are supporting in a melee. They are Grunt's and unusually for the 40mm based Grunts only have one wound so will die quickly.

The models are nice though so it was good to be able to get them painted up and ready to be used in future games.

Mantic Games Vanguard Undead

Mantic Games Vanguard Undead

Another flying unit in the Undead roster are the Wraiths, this time in the support slot. At only 16 points each they offer a fast flying unit with Crushing Strength and whilst they only have 2 attack dice they could be paired with the bats who add two dice for supporting another model in combat rather than the normal one.

They also have an Armour save of 3+ (on a D8) which means they will be tough to wound if they should take hits.

Mantic Games Vanguard Undead

Mantic Games Vanguard Undead

Mantic Games Vanguard Undead

I also picked up a Cursed Pharaoh model from Troll Trader, this model is their Tomb Queen but fits perfectly for the Cursed Pharaoh unit. Troll Trader recently did a large Kickstarter campaign for desert themed races including Undead so they should be a larger range soon.

Mantic Games Undead

The model itself is resin and went together very easily, her arm is meant to be down by her side but it was easy to position in a more 'beckoning' pose.

The Cursed Pharaoh is a high defense caster in the Undead army but does suffer from having no mounted option so could either by fitted with Wings (bringing the defense down to 5+) or left on foot with a slow infantry force.

Mantic Games Undead

Mantic Games Undead

All this means I have around 800 points of Undead for Vanguard now, that should be enough choice to play around with!

Mantic Games Vanguard Undead

Sunday 8 March 2020

The B(laine)-Team

This week I completed the roster of mercenaries for Star Saga and Deadzone. This means I can start work on the Rebs faction for Deadzone for my third faction I can field.

Mantic Games

This group includes Blaine who is a Mantic special character who has the ability to travel between dimensions, this allows him to appear in multiple games such as the Zombie Blaine I painted last year.

Mantic Games

Mantic Games

In the world of Star Saga Blaine is the leader of the mercenary company and as such is the biggest bad-ass in space! He costs around 4 times as much as the other choices so may be a good character to take in a solo game. Also completed are Alyse a space wizard (possibly the best kind) and Kira a Sphyr medic / support character. Whilst Alyse drains the life from others Kira is a more traditional healer.

Mantic Games Star Saga Mercenaries

The other two mercenaries who I have cards for are Curby the flying robot and Halftail who I believe is also to be found in the Dreadball arena. Both are ranged fighters and whilst Curby packed a powerful EMP blast Halftail can plant bombs on scenery pieces.

Mantic Games Star Saga Mercenaries

I also got a model for Leesh'ma but no card so I will have to have a look around to see if I can get one, I'm not sure but she may have come with the Reb Alpha booster pack I bought a while back.

Mantic Games Star Saga Mercenaries

Mantic Games Star Saga Mercenaries

So that completes all the forces (and terrain) for Star Saga. The game comes with a solo mode so I may setup the table and play through some of the missions.

Mantic Games Star Saga

Mantic Games Star Saga

So onto the Rebs next, I have glued all the models together and now need to start getting some paint laid down, as long as I don't get distracted by anything else............

Mantic Games Star Saga

Talking of which I put a pre-order in for Clash of Spears, a new ancients large skirmish game. The game looks to use forces similar in size to Saga and initially is designed for battles around the time of the Punic Wars.

Sunday 1 March 2020

The A-Team

I've not gotten much done this week as I've been busy at work and then in a little hobby slump as far as painting is concerned. I'm still working my way through the Mercenaries for Star Saga and I've come to the conclusion I much prefer unit painting to painting lots of individuals at once.

But progress has been made and the first group of Mercs has been pretty much done, I will complete the bases of the whole group once the second batch are done.

In Star Saga the players each take control of one Merc who all come with different abilities, the GM who controls the opposition then gets troops based on the total cost of the Merc team.
This first group consists of Capt Dulinsky who is the leader of the Merc group and a long range shooting specialist. Then comes Wrath who is a melee specialist robot who has the ability to go on a rampage and Ogan the dwarf engineer who is a support specialist.

Francesco wields a flame thrower and is handy for clearing enemies who have grouped up and The Survivor rounds out this group with his close range shooting abilities.

All of these characters can also be fielded for Deadzone so have a double use which is very handy.

I also had the Pestilence section of my Undead out to take a quick picture for Facebook so I've included that as well to add a little something different for this post.

Kings of War Undead Army