Sunday 28 January 2018

Artefacts of Kyron Campaign Battle #5

The fifth battle in the ongoing campaign saw the forces engaged in a Push scenario centred around a river. Both sides had 3 tokens they needed to carry into the opponent's half of the table and one extra token up for grabs in the middle of the table. 
The Men brought back the Mamakil after it sat out battle #4 and also swapped a few troops of archers out for another infantry regiment ( I think ). My Kin replaced the crossbow horde with a regiment of crossbows and a regiment of javelin armed Buccaneers in order to increase the number of units available.

The Setup

 Earlier battles had been very bloody with the action kicking off in turn one but this time the game started with less of a bang as both sides pushed up towards the river with the Men's unopposed cavalry wing making the most rapid progress.

Cavalry storm the gap

The Men roll forward
My Kin also pushed forward with the aim being to fight through my right flank and trying to hold the centre long enough to get the tokens over.

The new marsh area terrain hits the table

First contact was made by one of my chaff heroes ( mounted dark avenger ) into the Men's flying carpets, this combat was to last pretty much the whole game as neither side could wear the other down.

With most of the Men's shooting being concentrated in the centre they put the hurt on my Dark Knights in an effort to kill them off before they could charge home. With some poor rolling and some good armour the knights shrugged off the worst of the incoming fire.

The men also launched some spoiling attacks across the river, having a large number of well armoured infantry regiments means that they can be sacrificed more readily than the Kin can afford to lose units.

The Men get stuck in

In the centre the Dark Knights got the charge off against the Mamakil and as the Lycans had got tied up with an Air Elemental I had to commit my flying hero to support the attack. The Dark Knights wiped out the Mamakil in one turn and got in position to launch another attack.

On my right flank the Blade Dancers managed to survive some withering fire ( thanks to Sut rolling double 1's on nerve ) and then took out a regiment of Foot Guard.

Dark Avenger still plugging away
On the left the sacrifice on another Dark Avenger meant that the Dark Knights had the position for one more charge which could then delay the advance of the Men for another turn.

They charged once more and managed to remove another regiment of Foot Guard. By this time the Lycans had managed to over-power the air elemental in time to turn and face the oncoming heavy cavalry.

In the last but one turn the Men started to make real progress wiping out both the Knights and the Lycans but with the Hero on Pegasus and mounted Dark Avenger still holding up across the river.

On the right the Kin had almost cleared the opposing troops and started to make a move across the river.

At the beginning of the last move it was obvious that the Kin would get some tokens across the river but not enough to beat the men. The battle ended with both sides being in relativity good shape compared to previous engagements. Both sides had enough units that the game could have probably gone on a few more rounds.

Dark Avenger finally dies

For the next game we will be playing Eliminate which involves killing the 3 more expensive non-individual units of the opposition. We will also be increasing the army sizes upto 2500 points for the the final two games.

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