Wednesday 10 January 2018

Nordic Hordes

One of the benefits of time off work is being able to make some real progress on hobby projects, so being off last week I was able to crack on with my Norse for SAGA. They will be used as one of the Norse factions once SAGA v2 is released which should be next month.
Having decided that I wanted a winter theme I used mostly Gripping Beast Rus & Jomsviking as the some of the models came with fur coats and other warm clothing. I also bulked the force out with some models from the Gripping Beast Dark Age warriors box and some archers which Mick swapped for the left over models in the box. A couple of female Vikings from V&V models and a few chaps from my box of Fireforge Rus infantry that I had spare rounded out the force.
Altogether I have 4 points of Hearthguard, 4 of Warriors and 1 each of Bow & Javelin Levy along with a Warlord and female banner bearer who I plan to use as a priest. The whole army was based with Army painter snow effect over the top of some winter effect static grass. The snow effect was mixed with PVA glue and dolloped onto the bases and then a little more snow was sprinkled on top, all I need to do now is seal the base with some matt varnish spray.

Warlord with Banner planted in foes body

I decided early on that the Hearthguard should have gold/bronze details on them to help them stand apart from the others. The Warriors have a brighter pallet than the Levy troops who I kept as plain as possible and I tried to use plain shield transfers for the Levies.

Warlord flanked by his treasure bearer and Priest




Javelin Levy


Group shots from here on in

All 74 of the new force ready ( almost ) for action

Once the bases have been properly completed I may do some more shots of the individual troop types. 
This big push means that I can now start to fully concentrate on my mythical Greek models, so I plan to work on the smaller models before starting the larger Gods & monsters.

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