Sunday 18 February 2024

Twilight Kin: Lord of Nightmares

Mikayel, Lord of Nightmares is the second of the Twilight Kin named heroes and whilst La'theal likes to take care of the casting Mikayel likes to get stuck in. In the lore he starts out as a Elf Inquisitor but gets turned to the dark-side and becomes a powerful Soulbane. Mounted on an actual Nightmare he wields the Sword of Umbra.

Looking at his stats he basically has all the special rules with Iron Resolve with a fearless 17 nerve meaning he will be good at grinding and his Dread aura spreading the pain once stuck into melee. 
He isn't that cheap at 235 points but you do get a lot for the price and he has all the TK keywords so benefits from all the auras that the list can bring.

Alternatively he can be used as a Soulbane on Nightmare for 80 points less at the cost of quite a few of his special rules and a nerve drop. Having a fast nimble hero who can carry tokens and take objectives is often very useful in Kings of War so I can myself including one these versions in most lists.

I've also completed my third and final horde of Impalers giving me the potential to have a wall of fearless 17, defence 6+ to operate around on the battlefield.

I've not got that many more models left to paint for this army so it should be completed just in time for the building works to start and make playing a large scale game impossible for several months.

We are currently playing Armada so as that fits on a smaller table we won't need to stop gaming night hopefully.

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