Sunday 25 February 2024

Armada: The Vortex

This week's Armada was The Vortex which sees both sides score VP's by positioning their ships near a swirling vortex of energy. You have to get in close (<4") to score big points and the vortex drags you in D3" at the end of this turn. Coming into contact with the Vortex means instant destruction so you need to be very careful (or lucky) with your positioning.

The fact that all the ships are going to be concentrated around the Vortex and that you can reduce the enemies scoring units by destroying them suited the boarding focused Twilight Kin fleet. You can build a shooting TK list by including loads of Needlefang Squadrons which increase ranges damage by 1 for close ships, but fielding 10-15 of the same unit doesn't really float my boat.

The Abyssal Dwarf's went for a more shooty list which was a mistake, they can deploy some serious indirect fire but this wasn't the best list for getting in close or for scoring which rewarded medium ships and above the most.

The Dwarfs gained an early advantage by scoring in the first turn with their small fast ships charging in at full speed. The Abyssal Dwarf engines which mean you can turn at the start of a movement step (it's normally at the end) makes them really manoeuvrable so they can charge in a bit more and not have to worry about the consequences as much.

After that first turn however things went downhill for the Dwarf's as I managed to pick off all their small ships and grapple their Angkor. The Angkor was left within 3" of the Vortex and Admiral T rolled high meaning it got sucked into the Vortex and was smashed to pieces.

This meant that after only 3(could have been 4) turns the Dwarf's only had the Arbiter of Pain left and whilst she's a mighty ship and took out my Impaler she couldn't score VP's as quickly as my remaining four ships.

We have a couple of games left before we head over to Oxford for an event so we both need to finalise our lists for the day.

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