Sunday 24 September 2017

Artefacts of Kyron Campaign Battle #1

This week we kicked off the KoW mini-campaign my brother and I are playing. As is normal I got sucked into the game so forgot to take many pictures. The campaign will be a series of linked battles to vary the scenarios we will be playing. Stuart brought along his new Kingdom of Men Arabian Nights themed army and I fielded my Twilight Kin.

The first battle was the Invade scenario with the aim to have more points worth of your army in the opponent's half than the other side.

Initial Setup

Both sides deployed a strong center with strong flanks facing each other and then the weaker flanks facing each other. The men fielded a strong combination of shooting and cavalry which included a massive elephant counting as a chariot horde and some flying carpets counting as Talonriders.

The Elephant provided an imposing focal point for the and due to it being used as Chariots was cheap on the points front.

KoM right flank

Kin right flank

The game started off with the Kin Shadows advancing into the centre wood as a vanguard move which set them up to shoot at the carpets. This forced the carpets into making a charge into the woods as they would lose a shooting match against the two Shadow regiments. This was a fight they lost and the horde was defeated leaving a gap in the KoMs lines.
Generally the KoM forces held back in order to try and make the most of the extra shooting they had so the Kin advanced forward to take the fight to the humans.

This meant that the Kin took some hits during the advance and some focused fire in the centre lead to one of the Reaper Guard regiments being routed.

Reaper Guard regiment being focused
The advance meant that the Kin Blade Dancers regiment came within charge range of the elephant and the human General not being impressed with its shooting decided to put its charging potential to the test. Unfortunately some truly terrible dice rolling lead the elephant to bounce of the Dancers with barely any casualties caused and it was shot away by two lots of breath weapons and two mages. It was at this stage that the Kin cavalry got stuck in a fight with a regiment of lighter KoM cavalry which was to drag on for several rounds.

At this point I got distracted by the game so the photos stopped, the Kin continued to push forward in the centre with one regiment of Reaper Guard routing a regiment of archers and then being routed in turn by the KoM guard infantry and berserker regiment. The remaining Reaper Guard unit routed the KoM skirmisher cavalry on the lightly populated flank but was in turn routed by the KoM heavy cavalry. On what was the more heavily populated flank the Kin cavalry got the KoM cavalry to the point that anything other than double 1's would route them and then duly rolled the required 1's, the KoM unit took advantage of this to rout the Kin unit but was then routed by a breath attack unit.
This took us through to the final move and the KoM made a grab for victory by charging into the woods in the hope that the berserker regiment could route a regiment of Shadows and advance over the centre line, unfortunately they failed to rout the Shadows and the game finished as a close draw.

Update :

After a late night flash of remembering I realised that we had not counted the Troops as scoring units :

0 – individuals & war engines
1 – troops, heroes without individual, monsters, height zero units
2 –- regiments

3 – hordes & legions

So as the KoM had a couple of Troops left at the end of the battle I dropped my brother an email to let him know he had actually won.

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