Saturday, 8 July 2017

Full Moon Fever

Having made good progress on the Twilight Kin I have diverted slightly and completed the first Lycan Horde. The models went together very well and painted up really easily so overall I'd look at using Wrath of Kings models again in the future.

I have stuck with the same red scheme to help tie them in to the main army.

I have also put together the second Lycan Horde and was pleased to discover than each of the eight models has a unique pose, not something that was obvious from the box.

As I am off next week ( hooray ! ) I have also constructed the twelve Kin Buccaneers using the Chaos Marauder arms.

The Marauder arms are slightly bulkier than the normal Elf arms but I doubt that will be noticeable from a distance. I have also equipped half of the models with shields to represent the slightly higher defence of the Buccaneers over the other light infantry in the army.

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