Saturday, 22 July 2017

A Poke in the Eye

Over the last week or so I have completed two more Regiments of Kin with different pointy sticks.
First off the blocks came the Buccaneers, these are armed with throwing weapons so don't get a minus for moving and shooting.

 Again these use the Dark Eldar Wyches as the base model and then I have added the Javelin arms from some Chaos Marauder Horsemen which I purchased from my favorite bitz site. The shields are spares from the old style GW Spear / Crossbow sprues. The Javelin arms are a little over sized but I guess they have just been really practicing getting a good throw in.

I also completed my third and final Reaper Guard Regiment, this time split into Troops in case I ever want to field the smaller unit in the future.

The Reaper Guard are a really good unit and at only 150 points a Regiment I suspect I will be using all 3 Regiments pretty often.

I also completed my second Bolt Thrower model.

After comparing this one with the previous effort I have gone back and used the Quickshade on that model as it makes the model look much better than just using the ink shade.

Original Bolt Thrower

I also decided to Quickshade the Dark Lord on Dragon and the Hydra. The Dark Lord especially looked out of place compared to the models which I have completed more recently so I went over the dragon with a darker blue and then the Quickshade and it is already looking much better. The process was not without it's casualties as the Hydra suffered a decapitation when it got dropped. The drop has also helped me decide to not worry about basing the models for multiple games at once so the cicular bases will be glued to the KoW square bases to make them secure.

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