Wednesday, 12 July 2017

For The Herd

As I have been off this week I have manged enough progress to justify a mid-week update. My focus has been on finishing off the Lycan Hordes and also completing the Lycan Alpha model.

The second Lycan Horde went together as well as the first and the Quickshade dip really worked well, especially on the grey Lycans.

The specialist box came with two models and one I have based to use as the Lycan Alpha on a 40mm square base.

Again a really easy model to put together and it has a good amount of detail and personality.

The other model in the box is a larger Werewolf who comes with what looks like a steam engine on his back.

As this would not fit into the Kings of War mythology I left the engine off and smoothed off the more obvious pipes and covered the large hole which the engine should have plugged into with a peltast style shield I had.

This worked well I think, the model was mounted on a 50mm square base to be used as a monster unit, perhaps the Brutox.

This means that all the Lycan forces are now completed with the Brutox I have 915 points painted up.

Which gives a good sized allied force for the Twilight Kin or perhaps the starting point for another army. Warlord Games do some rather nice Gnolls and I am also keeping an eye on a Kickstarter for Faun models which should be launched again in the future.

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