Saturday, 17 February 2018

The Tide is High

For what promises to be our last game of SAGA v1 we played a fan made scenario called The Deadly Tide. This involves the two sides fighting on a battlefield with high ground in the middle whilst the tide moves from one side of the table to the other. The rising of the tide is controlled by a die roll so you cannot be certain how far if it all it will move, and we used our normal river boundary to mark out the leading edge of the water. Any model that was caught by the tide would be removed as a casualty and the victor decided on by slaughter points. 

The table
On the first turn the water only advanced 6" and as my Milites Christi had setup in a central position they could move forward without much worry.

Both sides advanced towards the hill but did not break formation.

On the second turn the tide did not advance so the Milites Christi crossbowmen seized the hill and had a couple of shots at the Crusader axemen without causing any casualties.

The Crusaders then charged the hill and wiped the crossbowmen out for the loss of one man.

After another 6" tide advance the Milites Christi knights charged the hill and after two combats managed to wipe out the Crusaders with 50% losses to themselves.

The second unit of Crusader foot hearthguard then charged the remnants and managed to wipe them out but due to some poor armour save rolls also got wiped out in return.

At this point the tide took a big leap forward and the Milites Christi seized the high ground once more and charged into the remaining Crusader hearthguard.

One Crusader was lost to the waters

Despite doing good casualties the Milites Christi lost the remaining hearthguard on the next Crusader turn as the Crusaders opted to stand and fight rather than move away from the advancing tide.

At this point fortune smiled on the Crusaders as the tide did not advance in turn 5 so rather than losing several men they could move away unhindered as the Milites Christi opted to stay on the high ground.

It then came down to the last throw of the dice for the advancing water with the Crusaders being 6" from the water anything other than a roll of 6 would see them survive. I had the roll and didn't get the 6 I needed so the Crusaders came away with the win. The slaughter points where 14 1/2 v 16 to the Crusaders.

All in all a very interesting battle which I thought I had won when the tide was set to wipe out the Crusaders only for a 1 to be rolled and the tide to stay put. I like to think that the inclusion of my Byzantine Warlord standing in as a mounted Priest made the difference.

Sunday, 11 February 2018

Pantheon Progress

With Mick once again being struck down with a winter bug this week we didn't get a SAGA game in, but I have making steady progress on my Greek mythical models. Over the last two weeks I have managed to complete a few more troops and three of the larger monsters. The monsters really are good to paint as each one offers a chance to do something new.
First off the line was the Dragon Of Thebes, I went with a serpentine look and the model came together pretty quickly. I have based him on a 50mm square so he can be used in Kings of War if required. The plan for many of the monsters is to transfer them onto square bases so they can be used in KoW if in the future I have an army that they can be fitted into.

Next up are Atalanta and the Amazonians. I had thought that Atalanta was the leader of the Amazonians when I started painting only to realise that she wasn't.

But with her mix of ranged and melee abilities I suspect she would work well with the Amazonians.

The troops are being left on the round bases they come on generally, as I can always fit them onto a movement tray if I need to use them in KoW.
Joining this group is Echo who seems to have some Banshee like qualities. She is my first attempt at trying to use a white glaze on flesh tones to represent diaphanous cloth. Not being a large model meant that the effect was only on a small area, but in general I think it works well and I have several more smaller models to practice on before I get to the God models.

The Infernal Artillerymen are undead naptha throwers and even these fairly simple troops have a good amount of detail.

The next two are the Colchidian Dragon and the centaur Eurytion. The dragon has taken on the colours of a goldfish with an orange base and bronze dry bushing. I have also tried out a marshy effect by adding water effect to the base after the static grass was added. I'm not sure if I like the effect or not yet, but it is an effect I am thinking of using on some of my planned Herd army.
Eurytion has been mounted on a 25*50mm base so he can be used to represent a mounted Herd Shaman. Shaman's seem to be a core part of the Herd list as they can use a good range of spells and unusually for casters have inspiring.

Lastly comes the Griffon, again a really nice model. In keeping with my style of keeping the paint job simple he has not been overworked. I like the addition of the white band on the wings as it helps to break up wings, something I wish I had done on my giant eagle for the Kin.

So hopefully next week will bring a game with Mick and it is likely to be the last using SAGA v1 as V2 is now being shipped and we are eagerly awaiting our copies to arrive.

Saturday, 3 February 2018


This weeks SAGA game saw another matchup between my Milites Christi and Mick's Normans acting as Crusaders. We did play last week as well with the Crusaders coming out on top, unfortunately I forgot to get any pictures of the battle. It would seem that rather than the victor writing the history, it is the person who recalls to take the pictures.

The boys ready for action
This weeks scenario revolved around attempting to escort the captured Warlord of the opposing warband across the table. Failure to make it across in the time limit or if the Warlord was freed would result in a win for the rescuers. After a roll off Mick opted to attempt the rescue and we set up our forces with my troops being deployed first.

Starting Positions
I went with my standard warband but had to detail two of my Hearthguard to escort the captured Crusader Warlord. Mick opted to have his Warlord on foot in order to reduce at which he could be moved and also drafted in a Warrior Priest. As his Warlord would not be generating any SAGA dice until he was freed he had to accept being short of dice at the start.

I took the first turn and pushed my foot Warriors forward and triple activated the crossbows in an attempt to cause some damage to the foot Hearthguard, this failed to cause any damage.
The Hearthguard then charged my crossbowmen and wiped them out without loss. As Mick was short of dice he opted to push his other troops forward a bit.
On the second turn my remaining Warriors charged the Hearthguard and managed to kill three for no loss to themselves, the rest of the Milites Christi shuffled forward.

The remaining two Crusader Hearthguard then charged my six man mounted Hearthguard causing one casualty for the loss of both men. At this point I realised that I didn't actually need to go straight down the table so started to move over to my right flank.

The Crusader mounted Hearthguard then launched an attack on my larger Hearthguard unit and despite stacking abilities only managed a three to two victory.

My Warlord gathered the remains of that unit and lead them in a countercharge which killed another three of the Crusader Hearthguard. Whilst this was happening my Warriors charged and got rebuffed by the Crusader crossbows and the prisoner and escort made some progress towards the opposite side of the table.

Crusader Warrior Priest and Hearthguard as yet not commited
 The lack of extra SAGA dice had meant that the Crusaders had effectively had to omit moving an extra unit each turn so now with my route plain to see the uncommitted Hearthguard and Priest started to relocate. At the same time my Warlord lead the smaller four man Hearthguard unit into the Crusader crossbowmen and despite the loss of two men managed to clear them out of the way.

This left position on the last turn of the escort having a clear path to the edge of the table and with the dice rolled only the unit of a single mounted Hearthguard being able to reach them. During the combat one of the escorts died but the other lived so the Milites Christi scrapped a victory by the narrowest margin.
This was another bloody battle with lots of casualties on each side, the Crusaders did suffer from the missing Warlord but perhaps not as much as either of us had initially imagined. Having to move an extra unit that did not generate dice also put pressure on the Milites Christi and it was difficult to balance moving my forces with sacrificing deice to increase my Piety to make my abilities more powerful. Overall it was a close game and another well balanced scenario.

Sunday, 28 January 2018

Artefacts of Kyron Campaign Battle #5

The fifth battle in the ongoing campaign saw the forces engaged in a Push scenario centred around a river. Both sides had 3 tokens they needed to carry into the opponent's half of the table and one extra token up for grabs in the middle of the table. 
The Men brought back the Mamakil after it sat out battle #4 and also swapped a few troops of archers out for another infantry regiment ( I think ). My Kin replaced the crossbow horde with a regiment of crossbows and a regiment of javelin armed Buccaneers in order to increase the number of units available.

The Setup

 Earlier battles had been very bloody with the action kicking off in turn one but this time the game started with less of a bang as both sides pushed up towards the river with the Men's unopposed cavalry wing making the most rapid progress.

Cavalry storm the gap

The Men roll forward
My Kin also pushed forward with the aim being to fight through my right flank and trying to hold the centre long enough to get the tokens over.

The new marsh area terrain hits the table

First contact was made by one of my chaff heroes ( mounted dark avenger ) into the Men's flying carpets, this combat was to last pretty much the whole game as neither side could wear the other down.

With most of the Men's shooting being concentrated in the centre they put the hurt on my Dark Knights in an effort to kill them off before they could charge home. With some poor rolling and some good armour the knights shrugged off the worst of the incoming fire.

The men also launched some spoiling attacks across the river, having a large number of well armoured infantry regiments means that they can be sacrificed more readily than the Kin can afford to lose units.

The Men get stuck in

In the centre the Dark Knights got the charge off against the Mamakil and as the Lycans had got tied up with an Air Elemental I had to commit my flying hero to support the attack. The Dark Knights wiped out the Mamakil in one turn and got in position to launch another attack.

On my right flank the Blade Dancers managed to survive some withering fire ( thanks to Sut rolling double 1's on nerve ) and then took out a regiment of Foot Guard.

Dark Avenger still plugging away
On the left the sacrifice on another Dark Avenger meant that the Dark Knights had the position for one more charge which could then delay the advance of the Men for another turn.

They charged once more and managed to remove another regiment of Foot Guard. By this time the Lycans had managed to over-power the air elemental in time to turn and face the oncoming heavy cavalry.

In the last but one turn the Men started to make real progress wiping out both the Knights and the Lycans but with the Hero on Pegasus and mounted Dark Avenger still holding up across the river.

On the right the Kin had almost cleared the opposing troops and started to make a move across the river.

At the beginning of the last move it was obvious that the Kin would get some tokens across the river but not enough to beat the men. The battle ended with both sides being in relativity good shape compared to previous engagements. Both sides had enough units that the game could have probably gone on a few more rounds.

Dark Avenger finally dies

For the next game we will be playing Eliminate which involves killing the 3 more expensive non-individual units of the opposition. We will also be increasing the army sizes upto 2500 points for the the final two games.

Sunday, 21 January 2018

Taking the Scenic Route

Having just completed the Norse I felt like doing something a little different before devoting myself to the Mythic Battles models so I thought I would expand my scenery collection a little.
Having bought some fences over the holiday period I decided to add some fields for them to go around and also make up the marsh markers I'd been planning on doing for ages.

Area Bases with light, heavy & wood markers

The scenery I made up last year was designed to allow for different terrain types to be interchangeable on each area base. The markers are all on 45mm rounds which then sit on the 50mm spaces on each base, this allows for the markers to be removed to allow units to sit on the area terrain.
For the fields I wanted to add a different colour into the mix so ordered up some yellow corn/wheat flock in 4mm & 10mm lengths and worked to the same scheme as before.

I used the 10mm static grass on the removable markers through the static grass applicator to give it some depth and just applied the 4mm straight to the area base so it would settle down enough to put models on. My over eagerness to get the matt varnish onto the piece has left a few white glue areas which don't look so bad from a distance but I suspect I will be going back with either extra grass or a yellow wash to cover it up.
The fences came from 4Ground and with the addition of some flock and flowers they look much better than the straight from the box version. I also added some Polyfilla to the base under the flock which adds some weight and hopefully should help keep them upright on the table.

The marsh counters used some old plastic tree stumps I had spare and several layers of water effect that also had left over. Again the base was built up with Polyfilla and then this was painted over to give a nice little basin for the water effect to sit in.

As that method worked pretty well I have started to make an area base using the same method which will increase the amount of wet area on the base.

All in all it has been another fun little project, it's always nice to get something that can go on the table and enhances the look of the game.