Saturday, 29 July 2017

Big Blue Killing Machine(s) #2

Among the models I bought to create the Kin army I had purchased a Hordes Legion of Everblight mk 2 starter box with the thought that the models looks nice. First off I completed the Carnivean model to be used as a monster. The Kin list only has the Hydra as a monster choice at present but I am sure it can be used to represent something.

It is quite a tall model and looks rather imposing so hopefully he/it will get a few days out on the table.

I also completed the repaint of the Lord on Dragon and the dipping of the Hydra, Bolt Thrower and Lord with Wings. These came out rather well and I am particularly happy with the improved Lord on Dragon.

And that should have been the end of the Twilight Kin painting as all the units I had initially planned had been completed. That was until I listened to a podcast with a chap explaining how much he liked his Elf Dragon Breath units, the Kin also have a variant.

This of course got me wondering how I could model that and keep the living war-engine theme going. After some hunting around I found some metal venom blasts that could be added to models to give a breath attack effect. I already have some spare Hordes Shredder models that I can add the effect to and once a few of them are on a 50mm base I reckon they should look the part.

Which means that the completion of the army has been put off for a little while longer.

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