Sunday 17 December 2017

Artefacts of Kyron Campaign Battle #4

Battle #4 of the campaign saw the opposing armies fighting out the Control scenario as they sought to gather supplies for the march south with the Artefacts of Kyron.

Starting Positions

The scenario works by dividing the table into 2 foot squares, 2 Victory Points are awarded if you control the square in the centre of your opponent's half, 1VP for all other squares.

Having greater numbers the Men's battle line was once again longer than the Kin's with the Kin aiming to secure victory by holding the centre and their right flank. The Men had opted to leave the fearsome Oliphant at home ( along with all their multi-bases ) and include some more hardy Foot Guards and troops of Sergeant Cavalry. The Kin had swapped out a troop of Blade Dancers for two mounted Avengers to act as chaff in an attempt to slow down the Men's mounted troops.

The Men's right flank

The Men's left flank

The Elven Army
The Kin moved first and pushed forwards to occupy the centre woods and also to get in position to move forwards on their right flank to block the Men's mounted troops.

 A miscalculation with the Gargoyles on the right left them in range of the Men's mounted archers and they plunged forward creating a great deal of surprise in the Elven ranks.

The charge created a logjam in the middle of the Kin's right flank and prevented them from being able to execute the planned advance with screening chaff units.

 Disaster also stuck on the Elven left flank when the Lord on flying mount was wiped out in one turn of combat, his high armour and good nerve not being able to save him.
 The Men continued to advance across the breadth of the board but their numbers meant that some of the fighting troops got stuck behind the shooting chaff that the Elves had left alone.

On the Kin's left flank they launched an attack with two regiments of Reaper Guard and one of these managed to rout their opponent.

However on the Kin's right flank things had gone badly wrong with the third unit of Reaper Guard being swept away in one round of combat without replying leaving the Crossbow Horde isolated in the woods.

 The Dark Knights despite once again proving their worth by removing an opposing unit of knights also then got removed by a combined airborne assault by the flying carpets and air elemental. The Lycans who had move around to support the Crossbow Horde did manage to survive the initial charge by the Men's remaining knights but they sustained heavy damage.

This left the Twilight Kin with no way back to capture enough area to win or even draw so once again the Men emerged victorious.
As with the last game this was a quick a brutal affair with melee combat being joined on Turn 1 and the battle being decided by Turn 4.

The next game will be the Push scenario and will feature a river running across the table which should mix things up again.

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