Sunday 1 October 2017

Sticky Fingers

This week rather than playing a game we had a glueing evening to help Mick get his Normans together. I didn't take any pictures as looking at grey models isn't that inspiring but we did manage to get pretty much the whole force stuck together within two hours so all Mick needs to do now is paint them up. I look forward to posting some pictures in the future of the completed models. My Byzantine cavalry also arrived so some of those have gone straight onto the painting blocks and with just the thirteen needed for the complete army they should be hitting the table pretty soon.

I took the chance this week to get the entire Twilight Kin army onto the table with the Lycan allies also making an appearance to get a proper group photo shoot done.

The full force would be around 5000 points before magic items and consists of :
2 Regiments Crossbows
1 Regiment Buccaneers
3 Regiments Shadows
3 Regiments Reaper Guard
4 Troops Blade Dancers
2 Troops Gargoyles
2 Twilight Bolt Thrower
2 Twilight Dragon Breath
1 Hydra
1 Dark Lord on Black Pegasus
1 Dark Lord on Black Dragon
2 Dark Lords on Foot ( one with Wings )
1 Dark Lord on Lizard Mount
1 Assassin on Foot
2 High Priestesses on Foot
1 High Priestess on Lizard Mount
1 Army Standard Bearer on Foot
1 Army Standard Bearer on Lizard Mount
2 Hordes Lycans
1 Lycan Alpha
1 Brutox

I may have gone a little overboard with the models but it is always good to have options and its been a fun project to build and paint.

The two units I enjoyed making the most were the Shadows and Gargoyles, this may be due to the fact that these were the models that made me decide to create the Kin or just because they needed the most modification to get them out onto the table. I think they turned out rather well.

The next project under way is to complete the SAGA Byzantines and then a Milites Christi army, I suspect that with some clever basing they could be combined to make a KoW Brotherhood army.


  1. If you go with round bases then you can use some of the MDF multi-bases out there to do them for KOM. I have some Normans for 1st Crusade I'll be doing too

    1. That was the plan, with 3 SAGA armies I am sure we could field a decent KoM army for KoW.