Monday 23 October 2017

KoW Campaign Battle #2 or It's the Scenario Stupid

Over the weekend my brother and I played the second encounter in our ongoing KoW campaign. He has already written up an account so I will not be spending much time going over it again. I will however wait whilst you go and read his write-up.

Welcome back. As you now know the result was a close victory for the Kingdom of Men by two Victory Points to one. This from my point of view was entirely preventable as I should have realised that I was not going to take the hill which had the chariot horde on ( Oliphant standing in ) with the forces that I had available on that flank.

Once I had cleared the cavalry then it would have been safe enough to shift some forces away from the left hand hill.

On the right I did manage to make some headway though the Breath Weapon teams lacked the range to move and shoot at the faster moving troops facing up to them. They did however act as a speed-bump to slow down the Air Elemental a little.

At the end of the battle I had enough firepower to clear the hill after the flying carpets had moved into my deployment zone but did not have the troops available to take advantage of that, it would have been more sensible to go for a draw rather than keep trying to push on for the 'Elephant' hill.
So the lesson to learn for the next game is to always keep the scenario in mind, considering that I generally forget to even take photos I am not sure how trying to do that as well will go.

For the next game we are increasing the army size to 2250 points, that presents an opportunity to look at the current list and reflect on what has worked and what can be changed up. The good news is that as I have lots of troops to choose from then I have the option to do some tinkering. 

The next game will see us fighting to grab as many of the Artefacts as we can before the fight towards the Gates of Kyron begins, this will probably be another brutal game as the forces clash over the three magical items.

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