Sunday, 13 August 2017

Last of the Twilight Kin

This week I completed the last of the Twilight Kin units for my army having decided to add a couple of Dragon Breath units as an alternative to the more static Bolt Throwers.

These will give a unit with better mobility though lesser range ( just 12" ) that can also be used as a chaff unit.

Having seen the Ratkin breath weapon units in action I think these should be a good alternative ranged unit.

I also got to play another game against the Rats ( thanks Mick ) and again after a tight battle came away victorious. I think at the 1500 point mark the Rats are a good match-up for the Kin. Once again due to a mixture of poor camera work and getting wrapped up in the game I managed to come away with only a couple pictures.

The Rats opted for a more extended deployment which meant that the more concentrated Kin managed to pick off the opposition more quickly and despite heavy loses they captured two tokens to the Rats zero.

I have also started painting the Fireforge medieval Russians that I picked up at a show last month with a view to making either another KoW army or perhaps a medieval skirmish force.

The box has 25 miniatures in it so I will be doing eight each of archers, spearmen, & axes and then a leader with sword.

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  1. They remind me a bit of the Squigs that GW used to do for their goblins, but a bit less comedy.