Sunday, 10 September 2017

Sword in the Stone

Another week and another game of SAGA has been played. Again Mick took the part of the Vikings and I the Anglo-Danish. Of course I remembered to take only a few photos but this game went right down to the wire.

Terrain setup, I swapped the heavy and light terrain over for the game

The scenario revolved around the Warlords trying to retrieve a sword that had gotten stuck in a stone. This week I replaced the levy bowmen with warrior footmen and Mick stuck with his javelinmen.



Again my Mycenaeans had to be pressed into action to fill the gaps in the roster and the game developed into a pretty brutal encounter with the sword largely forgotten as the two bands got stuck into each other. The Vikings initially suffered greater casualties but then the Viking Warlord went on a rampage and came within a whisker of killing his opposite number. Even though Mick had bought some new dice at the critical stage they let him down and the Anglo-Danish Warlord survived being charged by his opposite number and a unit of heathguard.

Early on the Anglo-Danes seized the light cover

The game ended when the Anglo-Danes sacrificed several units to exhaust the Viking Warlord so that the coup-de-grace could be administered by the home Warlord.
This was another close and enjoyable game, I suspect my winning run will not last much longer.

I have also put some more work in on my water feature and after receiving some supplies managed to get a water effect I am happy with.

The still water effect I had been using being a single part solution relies upon evaporation to set the water effect and pouring it over a large area meant that all it did was form into a cracked mess with lots of large gaps in it. A search on the internet suggested that a two part resin which uses a hardening agent would work much better so ebay came to the rescue and a substitute was purchased. The two part resin does have a strong smell so a well ventilated area was essential and it also suffered from a very small amount of shrinkage so I did end up doing a second layer. Overall I'm pretty happy with the outcome and I suspect the pond will be featuring in the next battle.

I have also been working on the structure for a KoW campaign to play with my brother when he comes over. He has been building up a desert themed human army and as Ophidia is next to the home of the Twilight Kin I tied the two together.
The campaign with feature a series of linked battles using the scenarios from the Clash of Kings book to create interesting battles.

The Setting

With the setting in place it was obvious that I would need to create some artifacts to be captured ( more on those next week ) and also a destination for them to be taken too. Building on the idea of gates I decided to make something that could be put out on the table. Using the door from a Necron Monolith, Milliput, MDF and some blue foam offcuts I managed to put something together without a massive effort.

Necron door and Milliput Gate

Once the Milliput gate was dry I stuck it onto some foam card and then fashioned a door frame out of left-over blue foam from the hills, this was then stuck onto a MDF base.

I have done some painting and then slapped a load of Army Painter dip over it all ready for some dry brushing. The should be done next week, hopefully before Saturday. On Saturday we are off down to Reading for the Colours 2017 show so I am expecting to pick up the remainder of my Byzantine force for SAGA. This will be good as I am running almost on empty for things to paint.

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